Customer Testimonials


Jim Whalen

CIO | Boston Properties

Jim Whalen is the CIO for Boston Properties, watch Jim explain how VTS helps him leverage data in new ways.

Jean Farnsworth

Market Research Analyst | Merritt Properties

Merritt Properties is already known for having strong relationships with its tenants. But VTS has allowed them to strengthen those bond even further in a more scalable and efficient way.

Harry Foster

Asset Manager, Landsec

The UK’s largest listed development and investment company needed one central location to store its leasing and tenant data.

Jacob Werner

Managing Director | Blackstone

Jacob Werner is a Managing Director at Blackstone, hear how his team spent 8 months evaluating lease technologies and decided that VTS was the clear winner.

Steve Cassidy

President | Denholtz Associates

Denholtz Associates has made serious investments to expand its portfolio and modernize their business. Since adopting VTS, the company has realized an increase in efficiency and NER.

Larry Garb

EVP & Managing Director | Hartz Mountain Industries

Larry Garb, an EVP & Managing Director at Hartz Mountain Industries, explains how VTS helped the firm scale their portfolio successfully.

Ryan Benevides

Portfolio Manager | Kennedy Wilson Europe

Kennedy Wilson Europe spends less time collating data and more time becoming experts in the markets.

Chris Rising

President & COO | Rising Realty Partners

Christopher Rising is the Founder, President and COO of Rising Realty Partners. Hear how VTS helps him keep up with where deals are and where they're headed in real time.

Anthony Paes-Braga

Asset Manager | Nicola Crosby Real Estate Investments

Standardized reporting, centralized information, and faster responses help Nicola Crosby Real Estate Investments to push out offers sooner.

Erin Shaw

Managing Director | Meritage Properties

Erin Shaw is a Managing Director for Meritage Properties. Watch her explain how VTS is has been a game-changer for her team.

Patrick Reilley

Asset Manager | National Real Estate Advisors

National Real Estate Advisors adopted VTS in an effort to alleviate the challenges associated with manual reporting, make decisions faster, and respond to tenants quicker.

Michael Fransen

SVP, Managing Director | Parkway Properties

Michael Fransen is a SVP and Managing Director at Parkway Properties. Hear how VTS enables him to organize property regions faster.

Bill Murphy

CTO | Blackstone

Bill Murphy is the CTO for Blackstone. Watch him explain how VTS's real estate knowledge and product and technology expertise help him solve problems in new and interesting ways.

Arcis Investments

Lisa Cadieux | Operations Manager

Since adopting VTS, the firm has been able to expand their competitive differentiation by responding to tenants faster and managing their properties in a much more sophisticated way.

The Ardent Companies

Scott Doksansky | Managing Director

The Atlanta-based real estate investor needed a more efficient way to manage relationships with its various third-party leasing teams.

Tritower Financial Group

Todd Twombly | Director of Asset management

Tritower uses VTS to improve their leasing efficiency, improve relationships with lenders, and gain new market insights.


JD Lumpkin

Executive Managing Director | Cushman & Wakefield

JD Lumpkin is an Executive Director at Cushman & Wakefield. Find out how VTS has made his life easier and more efficient.

Rima Soroka


Rima Soroka is a Vice President at CBRE. Watch her describe how the VTS platform is saving her time each month.

Paul Amrich

Vice Chairman | CBRE

Paul Amrich is Vice Chairman in the New York City Brokerage Services Group as CBRE. Hear how he believes the VTS platform helps asset managers compare their portfolios from city to city.

Bob Alexander

Chairman of New York Tri-State Region | CBRE

Bob Alexander is the chairman of the New York Tri-State Region for CBRE. Hear how VTS has enhanced collaboration between the Tenant Rep and Agency side of his business.

Stephen Siegel

Chairman, Global Brokerage | CBRE

Stephen Siegel is Chairman of Global Brokerage at CBRE. Watch him describe how VTS delivers what brokers really need.

Peter Riguardi

President, New York Tri-State Region | JLL

Peter Riguardi is the President of the New York Tri-State region for JLL. Listen to him explain how the accurate, real-time data he gets from VTS has been a game-changer for him and his team.

Shaelyn Mullaney

Leasing Agent | Merritt Properties

As a new leasing agent for Merritt Properties, Shaelyn Mullaney was looking to hit the ground running. VTS has allowed her to contribute immediately, better manage her leads, and collaborate with the entire Merritt leasing team.

Mark Pateman

Managing Partner | Cushman & Wakefield Palm Beach

Although initially resistant to the new VTS technology, Mark Pateman and his team at Cushman & Wakefield Palm Beach have come to view VTS as an integral part of their daily work life. The team now spends less time focused on reporting and more time focused on strategically advising clients.

Win Haggard, Jr.

SVP | Colvill Office Properties

Win Haggard, Jr. is a SVP at Colvill Office Properties. Hear how VTS was instrumental in helping his team close a major deal by keeping everyone up to speed throughout the entire process.

Cody Armbrister

Senior Managing Director | CBRE Houston

Cody Armbrister oversees CBRE Houston's operations. Hear how the VTS platform helped him put science behind common leasing metrics.

Louann Pereira

VP | Transwestern

Louann Pereira is a Vice President at Transwestern. Find out how VTS helps her be transparent with her clients and keep them involved in the process from beginning to end.

Sam Seiler


Sam Seiler is a Senior Vice President in the New York City office of CBRE. Hear why he believes the VTS platform will eventually become the only platform CBRE uses for this type of service.

Sam Wasserstein

Director of Brokerage | Cushman & Wakefield

Sam Wasserstein is Director of Brokerage at Cushman & Wakefield. Learn what he thinks sets VTS apart from other platforms.

Matt Griffin

Managing Director | JLL

Matt Griffin is a Managing Director at JLL. See how VTS enables Matt's team to provide clients with accurate trends prior to the rest of the market, by tracking real-time trends across industry and size.

Brad Beasley

Leasing Representative | Colvill Office Properties

Brad Beasley is a Leasing Representative at Colvill Office Properties. Hear how VTS played an instrumental role enabling his team to quickly react to a key tenant's growth needs.

Fletcher Cordell

Principal | Transwestern

Fletcher Cordell is a Principal at Transwestern. Hear how Fletcher uses VTS' mobile app to send and process information, as well as update trend lines in real-time.

Tripp Pruet

Leasing Representative | Colvill Office Properties

Tripp Pruet is a Leasing Representative at Colvill Office Properties. Hear how VTS has enabled him to be more proactive and helped streamline weekly reviews with his team.

Christopher Roeder

International Director | JLL

Christopher Roeder is an International Director for JLL in San Francisco. Find out about his 'ah-ha' moment was when he realized that VTS is the platform that saves time not just for him, but for his entire team.

Paul Glickman

Vice Chairman & International Director | JLL

Paul Glickman is a Vice Chairman and International Director at JLL. Hear how VTS has centralized all of the portfolio information his team needs on one platform.

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