VTS Refresh Terms and Conditions

VTS Refresh Terms and Conditions

VTS will update the following types of data on the terms and conditions contained herein:

  • — Rent rolls (includes options and rights data if not included in rent roll) on a monthly basis
  • — Budget data on an annual basis
  • — Site plans as changes occur, no more than once per month
  • — Sales data (if Client is unable to leverage VTS APIs) on a monthly basis

Client shall designate an employee or third party that is responsible for providing updated data to VTS. Client must notify VTS of any change to Client’s designated contact.

VTS will provide a process and instructions by which Client (or Client’s designated contact) may provide updated data to VTS. VTS shall have no obligation to update data unless updates are submitted within the given update period and in accordance with VTS’s reasonable instructions. Client is solely responsible for the completeness and quality of data and/or images provided to VTS.

VTS will accept the following file formats: .txt, .csv, .xls(x), .pdf, .jpeg, .png, .doc(x), and .rtf. VTS does not accept file formats that are not designed to be human-readable (e.g., .xml, database extracts, etc.)

Client (or Client’s designated contact) is responsible for working with the VTS team to approve the mapping from Client’s original source data to the appropriate VTS data items. VTS will have no responsibility for mapping issues discovered after Client has approved the mapping. Should the format of Client’s data change for any reason, Client (or Client’s designated contact) will be required to repeat the mapping process with the VTS team (which may be subject to additional deployment fees).

VTS’s preferred language for data is English. VTS will use commercially reasonable efforts to interpret any data not provided in English, however VTS may require Client to provide an alternate version of any non-English data.

VTS shall have no obligation to continue updating Client’s data after Client’s subscription to the Service has expired or is terminated in accordance with VTS’s terms and conditions.

Invoicing for the VTS Refresh product will follow the invoicing arrangement agreed to for the Landlord 360 product.

Please Note: You are entering into a legally binding agreement.
Last Revised on: September 13, 2017